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Dr Matilda Collins (Imperial University)

Used to illustrate a research article entitled "Shape matters: reducing people’s exposure to poor air quality using sculpted infrastructure elements", Aziza Illustrates worked with Dr Tilly Collins and Imperial College London to produce two illustrations for a scientific publication!


Air pollution in cities disproportionately affects children and those living in economically-deprived areas near busy roadways. Walls are effective in deflecting particulate matter but the addition of shaping either at the design stage, or as retrofit, improves performance. High-wall baffles reduce distal vortex accumulations; On pavements, low-level baffles can deflect suspended particulates back towards the road surface. These shaped structures can scaffold urban plantings and, in tandem, improve the effectiveness of urban green in this context. Shaped baffles are immediately effective, inexpensive and create a win-win that engages stakeholders. This awareness will drive

collaborations between planners, designers and modellers for effective and beautiful street furniture elements that reduce pollution exposure."

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