Based on the concept of our culture, history, generations and our life cycle, I have worked closely with Imran Ibrahim of Imran Ibrahim Couture to creating a bespoke African pattern. To be used for printed fabrics, this has been a personal an eyeopening journey with the most elegant results.

"The African Summer Collection is inspired by the structural shapes of the Great Mosque of the Djenne in Mali. The geometric shapes form strong patterns to support growth and life changes represented by the leaves and budding flowers.


Imran Ibrahim Couture’s Made To Measure clothing is unrivalled, offering the personalisation from customised shirt, to tailored suits. Create a wardrobe to accommodate every need, look, and lifestyle, all from world-leading luxury fabrics including Albini, Zegna, Brioni & Loro Piana. You will be able to experience Imran Ibrahim Couture Made-to-Measure service in the presence of a master tailor."

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Bringing authentic Caribbean food into peoples homes, Icilda's Kitchen produces a range of vegan sauces and seasonings. Aziza Illustrates has worked with Icilda's Kitchen to produce container and hamper labels as well as a recipe sheets for customers.

"Following on from her footsteps we are continuing our heritage of communal food, conversation and laughter. Icilda's Kitchen allows everyone to experience the essence of Icildas cooking within their own homes."

Icilda's Kitchen

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Affinity Line provide a range of afrocentric products with a focus on African Queens and African women. They educate and inform adults on the rich and vibrant African history and culture.

Our beautifully illustrated affirmation cards are perfect for teaching both young people and adults black history, self love and leadership. They have intentionally been curated for individuals to seek inspiration, learn, and be motivated to re-awaken their power.  
Our cards are complemented with our sensational gold picture frame, which are perfect for placing on sideboards or windowsills, the gold photo frames are sure to give our Black Queens the prominence they deserve. 


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Used to illustrate a research  article, Aziza Illustrates worked with Dr Tilly Collins and Imperial College London to produce two illustations for a scientific publication!




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